Learning Center

CLASSES: You have arrived at the Learning Center Gateway!  Here you can purchase from a wide variety of classes that span from beginner sewing to basic business classes on how to transition your hobby to a business! 

 Here's a link to see our class offerings: Learning Center Classes – The Sewing Station (thesewingstation1.com)


Mentorship ProgramMENTORSHIP PROGRAM: We have created a Mentorship Program where you can learn from career professionals who have a passion for passing their knowledge & best practices directly to you! 

To learn more about our Mentorship Program or to Apply go here: Mentorship Program Application Form – The Sewing Station (thesewingstation1.com)


Internship ProgramINTERNSHIP PROGRAM: If you just want to volunteer, rub shoulders with our experts, be in our creative & electric environment, network with career professionals, and learn from a multiple range of subject matters, then join our Internship Program:

To learn more about our Internship / Volunteer Program & how to Apply go here: Internship / Volunteer Application Form – The Sewing Station (thesewingstation1.com)